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Pro 8 Best Tips For Technical Analysis

Welcome, everyone. My name is Sanjay Samad founder of Finnoovation website. It's 11 o'clock Eastern Standard Time, and that means it's time to launch into our series of discussions called Getting Started with Technical Analysis. And just so you know, today is Lesson 1 in an intended series of eight lessons that are built to introduce someone just new to charting to the ins and outs of technical analysis. What are some of the primary motivating factors in the usage of talk charts, and how might those tools and techniques be used? So I'm looking forward to it. We're going to jam as much as we can into each 25 to a 30-minute segment. So welcome aboard. I know that some of you are already returning veterans from previous lessons that I've taught, so welcome back, all of you. We always appreciate your attendance and contributions. And if this is your very first time in one of my discussions, I want to welcome you as well. I do want to say also if you're listening