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What Is Stock Market Technical Analysis ?

There are two basic ways you could invest or trade in the stock market. The first way is called fundamental analysis and this is basically looking at the balance sheet, financial ratios etc.. The second way is technical analysis, this uses price charts to reveal more about the company and profit from patterns that emerge from the data science. Financial securities are traded all over the world in places called exchanges, the denominations by far cross hundreds of billions of dollars. These trades take place on stock exchanges. In India we have 3 major exchanges, The first is the national stock exchange NSE, The second is the Bombay stock exchange or the BSE which is also home to the Sensex, and the Third is the multi-commodity exchange or the MCX. When a trade happens on a stock exchange it leaves back a data footprint, what time the stock was traded on, what was the transaction value, how many shares etc.. Technical analysts take all this data with other data like volume and d

How To Buy Car Insurance For Teen in (2021)

  Car insurance is one of those pesky expenses that we just won't ever get rid of. If you're looking at car insurance for your teen or you're a teen yourself, then you might quickly realize that car insurance can get really expensive. We're going to take a look at why car insurance is so expensive for teens and how to keep costs low. (light music) Hey guys, welcome back to the College of Investor Investing and Personal Finance For Millennials. So, I never thought that I would be passionate about car insurance until I started paying into it and realizing just how expensive these rates can be. This is especially true for teens. Now according to the CDC, teens ages 15 to 19 make up 6.5% of the US population and they make up 8% of motor vehicle accidents. It's true that teens are new drivers. Insurance Premium time decay You're inexperienced, you just started driving so car insurance companies are going to view that as more risky because y

You should know 10 steps how to buy a car insurance

Many peoples are confused before buying car insurance. Buying a car may be some easy task because if you go to car showroom salesman tell about all feature about cars and benefits of those cars. But the same thing is not happened in financial terms many car buyers want to buy car insurance but they don't know about the full benefits of car insurance they just buy for its formalities. If you choose the right options for the product then you get lots of benefits. If you have lots of analytical thinking then you may save lots of amount to insured your car. We will elaborate here How to Buy Car Insurance to get lots of benefits from insurance. Follow these helpful hints before you sign on the dotted line You will need A credit report Knowledge of local law, Careful consideration Competing quotes Extra coverage A credit report Knowledge of local law Careful consideration Competing quotes and extra coverage. I will tell you how to get car insurance in a step by step p

Indian Agriculture : Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) (2021)

  The Government of India is going to reform its crop insurance scheme Prime Minister's Fasal Bima Yojana. But there are not enough hints that it is going to thoroughly overhaul the scheme to bring benefit in real terms to the farmers. True the Prime Minister fasal bima yojana as the experience these two-three years has shown has proved to be counterproductive the PMFBY has been helping the private insurance companies more than it is helping the farmers. Doubt in Government for Insurance Initiation Yes there is no doubt that the government has the intention to help the farmers but this intention has been there from the very beginning from the early days of Independence. There were efforts there have been efforts and still there are efforts this continuing effort putting in place some insurance scheme revising the scheme bringing a new scheme itself indicates that the government efforts haven't been efficacious. So the present proposal to tinker with the scheme might al

You should know seven myths and facts of life insurance

  You've been lied to. Is it real? No, I'm talking about life insurance. Have you ever heard the saying: one person's trash is another person's treasure. Well, that's especially true when it comes to your money. Are you saying that my money's trash? Some people hate the idea of owning real estate while other people have used real estate to get rich. Some people hate the idea of the stock market while other people have used the stock market to build insane amounts of wealth. And some people get completely screwed over with life insurance while other people know how to use life insurance the right way. That's why, today I'm gonna be going over the seven biggest myths, lies, wrongs, you've been told about life insurance. Myth number seven: All life insurance is the same    Uh, wrong. You have term life insurance, whole life insurance, universal life insurance, variable life insurance, variable universal life insurance, fixed expense insurance. You get t

5 Tips To Increase Your Financial Wealth

  Here's what you need to understand your cash flow. This is you—let me draw a nice moustache— now you look good, and this is the flow of your money. You need to have more money coming in, so this is money from your job, your business, your investments, whatever, you need to have more money coming in then you have to leave your funnel. So, now you have to pay your rent, your mortgage, your car payment, your food, whatever. If you have more money coming in than you have to leave, you will feel rich. This cash flow diagram is pretty self-explanatory. You need more money coming in than you have to leave if you want to feel rich, but it's a lot easier said than done. I mean, if it was so easy, 78% of Americans wouldn't be broke. If you want to improve this, you can start by cutting some of your expenses. You can live a little bit smaller, you can stop eating out so much, but there will always be a limit to how much of the expenses that you can cut because everyone needs