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Self Made Millionaire: Forget Skipping Starbucksbest wats to get rich


If you want to become rich people fast or sell made millionaire then you have to create many earning sources:
1. You may try to learn a skill for getting pay for that in the market.
2.ALWAYS Choose an easily learning skill don't do the hard in the first time.
3. After 3 to 6 month you have to try a bigger skill learning and try for it earning hard.
4. Always save the money and invest it immediately.
5. Not save too much money in your saving bank account.
6. Always deep analyse the all-cash flow on a regular basis.

If you are really serious to be a millionaire so that you have to think like a millionaire don't shy if they work as the shameless way you have to just think before doing this if you want to be.

If you want to become a millionaire then you have to write it down in paper what will do in a few days.

The point maybe like this :

1.WHICH Time they wakeup.

2.WHAT Will they think in the morning after wake up.

3.WHAT Is the first-morning schedule they follow.

4.HOW They plan for the day.

5.HOW To execute is it fast or too slow.

6.ARE They working a full day or smartly work 4-hour a day.

Always save money if you not controlling on smoking of cigarette and Starbuck coffee then you may not serious for making fast. If you save for doing proper planning like you have to avoid all liabilities, avoid all the unnecessary spending.

Avoid too much subscription of any services. If you need then you have to subscribe as per need don't spend for too much long time it may be chances you don't follow the same. 


Following the above rules in near days or right now it will be your target. Do not just plan to act on that so that you can fast work on your dream. Starting maybe it slowly but if you work on it regularly then you have to take forward in a fast way.


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