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Cheap auto insurance Delta Dental | How to buy cheap auto insurance in legit way

  we are today's dental consulting as you can see I have been kicking around for a little while in dentistry coming up on 37 years now Linda joined me about 30 years ago first as a chairside assistant and for the last 20 years as the office manager . so between us we have a fair amount of experience and we'd like to share this a little bit of both with our consulting and also in little articles like this so think what we're going to talk about is what's going on with Delta Dental they are the largest dental insurance carrier in the United States. now keep in mind that this what we're going to present here is based on the best information that we can find after multiple phone calls with Delta sometimes getting conflicting information from Delta but this is sort of a consensus of what the Delta reps are found and what we've been able to find out . also you're going to get our opinions today and keep in mind those or opinions and we do the best we ca

Car Shopping Etiquette; Pricey Pickups; Can Dash Cams Save on Insurance

  This week, we discuss test-drive etiquette at the dealership, whether dash cams can save you money on your insurance, and can a car be de-recalled? Next on Talking Cars. And of course, as always, we have a very special Talking Cars because it's all questions and all answers. I've got a question about car shopping etiquette. At what point is it OK to go into a dealer and ask to test drive a car? Do I need to be ready to buy the car within weeks? What if I'm only interested in buying within the next couple of years? Also, should I call in advance and tell them I'm interested in a certain model and I'd like to test drive it, or do I just show up? You know, Canadians, maybe? So, car buying etiquette. seem to hit on a few good points here? He does, but if there's one thing we know at Consumer Reports, it's the car buying process. I think we've shared many times that all of our actual formal test cars we purchase, we purchase at dealer

Problems In Borrowing From Life Insurance

 Problems In Borrowing From Life Insurance I've done another artricle on what I call non qualified plans basically using a life insurance policy to mimic a Roth IRA and you can do that it's pretty cool actually I've done it I've done it on a number of life insurance policies for myself. so it isn't some pie-in-the-sky that I'm just talking about. when you put the money in cash value it grows the way you get it back bad tax free is you borrow it back. Let me explain what happens when you borrow against the life insurance policy. The money you borrow is tax-free to you you know I have to pay money on, or tax on the amount of money that you get as a loan from the bank to do your business or to build your house or whatever-- that's not income to you. You have to pay it back. Well they actually make it so that it's a loan that means you have to borrow their money because if we're borrowing on our own money back that's cheating. Tha

Why Does My Insurance Policy Only Get 2-4 Percent Return

If an IUL policy is structured correctly, you'll likely get an average annual return of 6 to 10 percent tax free. In this episode, I'm going to address the question, "Why does my insurance policy only get 2 to 4 percent return?" Watch. I'm going to show you it's probably not structured correctly. So, I'm Doug Andrew. I've been a financial strategist and retirement planning specialist for more than 46 years. And way back in 1980 when E.F. Hutton who is credited with being the brainchild behind the emergence of universal life introduced that concept, I thought, "Oh, wow. This is the answer." Because I was a big buy term invest the difference proponent. But this was like buy term invest the difference on steroids tax free. And I could see that where E.F. Hutton said, "Why don't we use a life insurance for living benefits primarily by taking the least amount of insurance the IRS will let you get away with. And put in the most money that

GAP insurance how it works – how to generate money back !

I'll be talking about the gap insurance gap is short for guaranteed auto protection gap insurance is sold by car dealers on a new or a used car purchase in this article I'll be talking about when it's a good idea to buy gap insurance and when it's not and how much you should. basically, be paying for and also I'll add in a little part in the end here about how you can maybe save money by cancelling your gap at a certain time and getting some of your money back. so in order to illustrate how gap insurance works I do this graph here and on this side will be the price of the car and down here is the loan years not this case it's the five-year loan which is standard in the industry a 60-month loan. so when you buy your car you're going to have the value of the car which is going to start let's say I'm just going to draw an arbitrary line right there and that may be 15 20 25 30 thousand dollars. it really doesn't matter and you're

Car insurance 2021 - how to buy or sell any insurance of your car | how to sell car insurance step by step method

In this article, we're going to go over what we call capture and control portfolio strategy . now when we talk about the capture and control portfolio strategy what we want to do is we want to help our clients . Understand how life insurance can be used to help supplement their income? Now i was sitting down with the client a few weeks back and we were talking about how life insurance can benefit them in retirement and the client looked at me in a little bit of disbelief thinking well how can life insurance help me in my retirement . Isn't life insurance just for my beneficiaries well what i wanted to do was i wanted to help convey a message that would help under help them understand how life insurance can actually be used to help supplement their retirement income . But also help diversify the airport with their retirement portfolio and this is the exact sales method that we were using now we've used this method countless of times the last four or five years and it&