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Where can I find most cheapest car insurance ? Buying cheapest insurance online.

  does my contractor's liability insurance cover roofing subs? Does my contractor's liability insurance cover roofing subs? “ female The 19-year-old -, non-owner, occasional driver, Florida. Insurance premium increase?” For my brother, I want to buy car insurance. most of the company provided insurance I analysed that all insurance is not enough and most of them are soo expensive. in starting days I want to buy cheaper insurance but in the market is not available the proper information about the youngest driver insurance.  Just because they don't earn lots of money and risk is more so than the insurance companies not offering the right insurance product. if they had but they mostly not advertise them most of the cases accidental ratios are too high o that they don't sell all the time.  Most of the insurance companies don't allow the single hand owner they require ownership of parents so that if in any case that the insured the person got an accident then