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How many people invest the money in market trend?

Most of the time in the stock market and different investment hotels all the the regulator release are controlling the same financial products from fraudulent.

Now a days big investor and trader are actively doing investment in trading in in different financial institutions products its example is stock market in mutual fund mutual fund is is much security tightened by but the stock market of India regulated by stock exchange regulator is not much controlling the the operators so that most of the trains and false signals are raised by those operator for small investor and trader.

A simple quote by Warren Buffett money flows from impatience to patience people so that it is the the very depends on which type of market and which type of regulatory works on their ethics .

In some of the cases the big organza off market its small fish of the market it is is regularly doing by the big fish.

So trained is a signal online stock market flashing the signal and it ensure the trend is is it positive or negative but 800 the time these trains are not the right most of the cases nowadays it may be false signals so be aware with those signals and if it is in long run trend then you might be go with that.

How to identify false signal and Trend?

1. False signal and trends race only for short term.

2. False signal and trends not having a fundamental reason.

3. False signal driven by the big investors and traders.

4. False signal and trends shoes only for or a small amount of impatience trader who want to earn and grab all the money of stock market.

5. Big operators always finding the the opportunity what is the situation on current market so that they make the lose those all the the small traders.

What to do in stock market for not getting trapped?

1. Not rely always on each and every Trend.

2. Create your all setup of investment and trading.

3. Do fundamental analysis and then after create technical analysis setup.

4. Don't believe on stock market gurus which come in television channel and give you a tip for buying the stock are selling the stock.

5. Do cross check your all setup and all your trade and investment.

How money invester and trader invest the money in trend?

The person who predict are analyse all the trend in starting phase to final phase all the person they invested their money it might be in different so that we can't predict what is the amount of person they are invested their money.

We can only predict the volume of stock and only other point age delivery percentage if if more person consistently growing the their delivery percentage then might be the trend goes The person who predict are analyse all the trend in starting phase to final phase all the person they invested their money it might be in different side and it is uncertain period for train because all the person who are invested in lower level they might be think for exit for that friend so always a few person produce their holdings in that Trend and same time most of the person holding their Trend.

So don't predict all the trend and don't enter in peak of the all train it is the the very dangerous for your financial health it might be financial suicide for you so be careful for investment and trading.


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