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If you want to become a millionaire in the stock market, then for this you have to work a lot from the beginning

 In long run if you work in stock market you can become millionaiare work means that you can start investing by taking more and more information.  It is seen in most of the people that they take the investment information but do not invest according to the time and after passing a lot of time, when they need the money, at that time they come to know how big a mistake they have made.  Done.

Millionaire mindset

 Life is very short and there is a lot of need in it, we need to live it in the right way and apply it in the right way.  The better way we set our future destination, in the same way our future will also be bright.

 Whenever a person is asked whether you have worked hard on your personal finance or have you taken any consultancy for this, the same thing is said by them that we are not running so much that we can save money but time.  With this, when a lot of troubles come on them, then they feel the need of this thing.

 Starting early can lead you to a better future.

 Before saving in financial, you should know that you will get the benefit of it in a very long time, in the initial phase, many people jump into it to take quick benefits, but if they do not get it, then they get disappointed.

 After understanding you a little and knowing it a little, if you invest in it, then you will never feel disappointed, if you do it with the right information and do it in the right way, then you will definitely get its fruits in the future.

 Small troubles are small needs that keep on coming but you also have to be prepared for the future when a big event happens every 3 or 5 years by which your family gets to play.

 And this work is not going to be done in a day or two, for this you need to keep yourself ready in a very long time because if you prepare yourself for a long time, then trouble will come, then you can easily face it.  .

 With 4 days of preparation, you cannot win a big match, it takes years of hard work, similarly you have to teach your personal finance and maintain it so that whenever trouble comes, you are ready for it.

 Personal finance can be started even with little money.

 It is a myth among people that to start any work, a lot of money is needed and for this they keep working for it continuously and when after a long time they come to know that we do not have that much.  If there is no income or we are not collecting so much money, then they get tired and use some such wrong wrong seven sections by which they can get money immediately.

 By adopting the wrong wrong methods, they also know that they will lose more money than they are thinking of earning, but in spite of this, such wrong things are followed by them.

 The beginning of personal finance, we should prepare from the time when we are a small child, it is necessary to keep this habit in the phone that what will they need in the future and what kind of money they will get from that money.  Jobs can be taken out.

 In our Indian environment, it has been seen that our children are not given information about personal finance, due to which when they are under pressure over time, then they come to know in which direction they are walking right now.

 In our India country it takes about 23 to 24 years for any child to complete graduation and after that it takes 1 or 2 years to catch the answer and even after that it is not guaranteed that he will get the best job  Get that gallery job.

 Due to having a low salary job, when it happens that the pressure of marriage starts on him and over time he also feels that maybe he should get married Hey in Indian environment when a person has to get a job  If it is found, then it has only one goal on behalf of the family members that they should be married.

 But the person has to get married, he does not like all this because he also knows that it takes at least 5 to 6 years to be successful in his career but for this he has spent almost 5 to 6 years of his age.  would have been fired.

 If we try to make our children start with ₹ 100 or ₹ 50 or even less ₹ 10 from the beginning, so that their morale increases going forward and the income goes on and on personal finance in some way or the other.  We will have to do it because we cannot sit assuming that we will go and save money and invest.

 Investing can be started very young and with very little money but consistency has to be maintained.  Maintaining consistency in any work is the biggest challenge, if you win from whom, then you will not have much difficulty in the work of personal finance or any other methods.

 What should be the investment tenure in personal finance.

 When it is time to invest in personal finance, at that time people feel that soon we will get a lot of money but this is not true.

 According to this, when we go on investing our money, it has been assumed that it takes some time for any money to grow, why unless you allow it to do so or if you do not allow your money to grow, then you will have to use it.  You do not know how to manage personal finance.

 It is said by us that we have started depositing 50,000 ₹ 100000 every month and going forward our money will be much more.

 But the truth is that deposits are made by such people, after some time all that money is taken out, it is told that they have to do a lot more work than this money.  If you do not give time, how will that money grow and how will your future goals be fulfilled.

 For this work, you need to invest for a long time period, the time can be for 5 to 10 years or even 15 to 20 years, you can target some small goals, set some bigger targets in 10 years.  Or you can set a bigger target in 15 years but you should maintain the consistency of your investment.

 The less time you give your money to grow, the less you will get money, but the more time you give money to grow, the less you will get the result of compound interest  The more time you give to grow, the more you will definitely get the result of compound interest.

 How should we save ourselves.

 Right now when we talk about personal finance, it is important to keep in mind that we have a way of saving money because when we do some work, we always feel that we are not getting our money properly.  Or the company is not giving us money in the right way.

 Most of the people cry for their low salary and are always worried but they do not know how they should work hard on this money, the day they will come to know about this, there will be no such problem because on that day.  He must be managing his money better.

 If you have taken any kind of subscription till now such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, you have taken other similar subscription or services of internet which you do not need, you can reduce all those things according to your need.  Do it or finish it.

 If you go to the market without any preparation and buy all the things, then close this thing and try to do your shopping in a habitual way.  Whenever you go to the market to buy any item, whether you are going to buy clothes or to buy ration for the house, you should make a list of all the things that you have to buy, lest someone like this  If you have bought the thing that you are going to need after the next one or two months, then ignore all these things a little so that you get a chance to save some money.

 Whenever you are going to watch a movie somewhere outside, then you are going to eat food at a restaurant somewhere outside, if it is in your habit, then reduce it too because from here you will also save a lot.

 You have probably saved all the things so far, so I am ready to invest from you now because I have told you in the beginning that the amount of investment is  It does not increase or decrease or depends on your consistency because the more you maintain consistency in yourself, the better you will get to see the results.

 Follow the 50/30/20 rule to save money.

 Whenever a person is at home, we either take necessary deductions about saving money, but we should also be aware of how many important things we should do because we need to invest to keep our life easy.  Not to make it more difficult and difficult. 50/30/20 rule is very effective rule for personal finance.

 Whenever you see in your account as in your money, then the urge to spend increases.

 Whenever your salary comes, keep 20% of it aside for your investment, if possible, then invest immediately, such a system must be activated by automatic bank or from any broker with your banking system.

 By doing this you will not have any such problem of depositing or withdrawing every month and all the work will be done automatically, because of this the tension of every month that you will get how much money, how much money we will save, how much money we will work with.  There will be no tension and your money will automatically be invested in the right place.

 Set the goal of your brother with a share of 30% of your salary and accordingly if you need to get a mobile phone, laptop, bike, car or house, then this work will be completed with all this money.

 Try to calculate this part very carefully on your own because by this many goals in the near future will be completed.  The more time you give to this thing, the more you will become master in the work.

 With 50% of your salary, you should invest in meeting the personal needs of your family so that you do not face any problem every month.


 If you take care of all the things mentioned above and you will be investing in the right place in the right way, then you will be working in the right direction in increasing your money in a better way.  It doesn't matter how much money you are accumulating, how much money you will get, make a start because when you start, you will get its fruits soon, but keep yourself tied with restraint because the more restraint you are  The better you will be able to work in teaching your money.

 I hope that I have been able to give you information related to personal finance, by which you will be able to live it well by taking it out in your life and very much you will be able to take advantage if there is any problem in it, will it take 90 days about all things  If you want to talk, then comment below, after reading which I will contact you and I will try to talk to you in full details about it.


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