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What are the problems faced by students who opt B.VOC in banking and insurance/finance?

The program B.VOCin banking and insurance/ finance is created for student who are note skill to market the the financial products are investment products. This products created for the the institution of of bank mutual fund and insurance selling companies or industries. B.VOC stands for set a scalable employment generation for banking and insurance sector.

B.VOC now a days facing lots of problem just because of of their placement related problems and their working related problems.

The student it doesn't get the writer job for their future so that they are now doing the job for different field of finances as they learn in their colleges that education are not valuable for him.

Now they are are in same situation as they are before the getting the certificate are graduation. This program designed in different levels graduation diploma and certificate labels but it is not worth for the student.

The student not getting the right job and not getting the right salary what they expected after the gating their certificate most of the time government insured them to get the highest salary paying his but they are treated as now normal graduate.

NSQF partnership for training.

Most of the government initiative come in their education system so that NSQF partnership courses running.

But as all the the programs are run by government and what are their programs are getting filled it is the one of them so that student are losing their moral just because of UN stability in market word they are learn in there education certificate.

What to do indian government for B.VOC/D.VOC/Certificate/Diploma students?

For giving the student right direction for their future so that Government have to take initiative different practical examples and different NBFC, mutual fund insurance and different type of financial products have to trade in better way with practical.

If it is possible the program have to be designed with on job training because certificate is not a complete job guarantee if they got on job training in between of their education so that they I will perform better way in the market and they will generate a good amount for their companies and as well as for their income.


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