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Welcome to !!! If you would like to know anything and everything about Real Estate and Personal Finance, You are at the right place. We provide Smart Ideas for Your Money. Money is the center of the universe & we cover each and every topic linked to the money. We share a different perspective that will make you think. Through this blog, we challenge the traditional thought process related to Money. We believe that in today’s dynamic and uncertain economic environment, the traditional thought process cannot help you grow your money.

Author of the Blog

Sanjay samad is a full-time stock market trader. He is a founder and editor of this blog on Stock Market, Personal Finance and Real Estate. He also runs a successful YouTube channel on Stock Market Trading and Investments (See: sanjay samad).
The absence of quality education and knowledge resources in the field of stock market trading/investment & Personal Finance inspired him to start a Blog in the year 2020. Subsequently, he started his YouTube channel on Stock Market Education and Learning in the year 2020. Through his channel, he shares his practical learnings, experience, and knowledge of 7years about Stock Market Trading and Investments.

On the personal front, he loves to spend his free time reading management journals and cooking fitness food.

What differentiates us from others

We don’t believe in sharing what you already know. We share what you don’t know.
We share original thought process, real life experiences, and honest reviews.
Each and Every query posted on this blog by the readers is answered.
We provide a practical solution to real life money related problems/issues/dilemmas faced by the readers.
We simplify the complex concepts and explain in easy to understand language with relevant and real examples.
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What we do:

Conduct onsite and online Lectures and Workshops for Corporate, Financial Institutions, Real Estate Companies, Banks, Insurance Companies, Startups, Professionals, and Individuals. As part of societal give back, we provide free services to Educational Institutions and .


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